A corporate battle of the bands to benefit
Career Collaborative

About the Event

Jam for Jobs is an amazing opportunity for companies, innovators, musicians, and the Boston community to give back, network, and have a blast.

Help support Career Collaborative’s mission of teaching unemployed and under-employed adults with low-income jobs how to build careers that change lives and strengthen families.

When: May 1st, 2019  (7:00 pm - 11:00 pm)

Where: The Hard Rock Cafe, Boston ( 22 Clinton St, Boston, MA 02109)




How to Participate

JAM FOR JOBS offers a unique opportunity to promote your company, network with industry leaders, celebrate with colleagues and help play a part in transforming the lives of Career Collaborative participants as they build their careers.

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Show off your musical talents and unleash your inner rock star while raising money for a great cause.


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The Bands


Representing: Bullhorn

Stampede is a Boston-based Rock band started by Art Papas, Matt Fischer, Mitesh Ashar and Alex Reinart in 2015 and includes Vinda Souza on vocals. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by the Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, U2, and Pearl Jam. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @bandstampede and on the web at www.bandstampede.com


The Layer Cakes

Representing: Pega

The Layer Cakes is a group of Pega employees that thankfully have days jobs! The group formed to surprise and entertain the company at our annual kick-off event a few years ago. Despite a wild and raucous reception, dreams of going on tour have eluded us. However, we continue to take every opportunity we can to get together, make good music, and put a smile on a few faces.

The Spicolis

Representing: Monster

Taking our name from the beloved character of the classic 80's movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", the Spicolis embody the fun-loving ethos of the Sean Pean-created Spicoli, while delivering hard-hitting rock and pop.Comprised of a crew of dedicated musicians from the metro-west area, the Spicolis love to party, live to play and will liven up your event with a awesome mix of music from the 80's (of course), with a smattering of AM Gold from the 70's, You'll be sure to hear some gems from the Cars, the Pretenders, the Police, ELO, Wang Chung, the Bangles, the Clash, Madness, Blondie and a few one-hit wonders among others.

JC and The Beakers

Representing: Bluebird Bio

Late in 2017, in an environment (we call it the nest) where you can b colorful, b cooperative and b yourself, a group of creative employees came together to argue over whether the bluebird bio band should exclusively play songs that mention birds, flying or the color blue. The debate rages on to this day and may never be resolved… JC & The Beakers is comprised of hobbyists, independent artists, and new parents imposing on their significant others to watch the kids so we can practice. We try to never lose sight of the fact that we’re the equivalent of the house band on a cruise ship, except the ship is trying to cure cancer and severe genetic diseases.

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Pegasystems, Inc.


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Bullhorn, Inc.


DipJar, Inc.


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Epiq Global


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Monster Worldwide, Inc.


CBRE Group


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Amy Brooks  (Emcee)
On-Air Radio Personality

Amy is an award-winning On-Air Radio Personality and Voice Talent most recently on 92.9 FM. She hosts major events, including prior festivals like EarthFest, shows, and charity events. Amy has been responsible for finding new bands to play on the radio and breaking in artists like Jason Mraz, and John Mayer. Amy’s career was launched in 1990 after graduating from the University of New Hampshire.


Jamie Lynn Hart
Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Instructor

Jamie is an award-winning pop/rock singer and songwriter trained formally in opera and classical music. She’s a vocal instructor at Berklee College of Music. Look for her music online!


Mark Kaye
Owner of HearNowLive!

HearNowLive! is one of the top and longest-running live music event producers in the greater Boston area. The company has thousands of bands on its roster. Among other experience, Mark managed a major band in his past and works through his current venture to help the music industry thrive in our region.


Malik Williams
Award Winning Producer, Composer, and Musician

Malik's work has appeared in records, film, television shows, and in national advertising campaigns. His successful work as a composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, and his ability to work in many different genres, has made Mr. Williams an in-demand producer. Mr. Williams owns and operates a music production and publishing company as well as a music licensing company.


Ven Thangaranj
Musician and entrepreneur

Ven Thangaraj is a musician and successful technology entrepreneur. He’s the bass player in Boston’s award-nominated arena rock band FirstBourne. They're known as far as China, where they performed for audiences of thousands on tour, for masterful musicianship, guitar-oriented rock and powerful performances. They worked with Sony Brazil's producer on their first record Riot.


Contact and Venue Information


Wednesday May 1, 2019. 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


The Hard Rock Cafe. 22 Clinton Street, MA